As a member of Pride Performance you will now have access to booking your classes, get discounts on merchandise and classes you book, quick workouts for your athlete, motivational videos and more. We will create a portfolio for you and your athlete once you become a member to track progress made. 


Training Schedule

New pricing: New training systems are now available! Must be an active Member



All the sessions including group, team and private for members 

- For informational services & Program Designing please contact us at 432-703-8654 before all classes are booked !!!! Limited spots available !!! 

Now offering monthly training systems with 4, 8, and 12 sessions a month!!!

Private classes before school during the school week will be available call for scheduling.  We will begin developing workout plans and athlete portfolios that demonstrate growth in speed, agility, balance, and biometrics.  Our athlete portfolios will include photo & video media and timed runs that demonstrate the progression of performance and running.  As we continue growing with our athletes we want to also show the growth that will arise from our methods.

The programs that we have designed are constructed individually with each athlete in mind.  Our clients are our most prized possession, and preparing them mentally and physically for the next stages of competition are what matter to us.

Ready to Craft with us?

Private One on One 

This class must be approved after booking, we advise you speak with a pride coach before booking. The focus of this class is to have a closed environment that must be performed at max effort. We will breakdown specific needs of each individual to correct and enhance  techniques, elusiveness, and explosiveness.

limited classes, book in Private Tab.

once plan is booked a pride Performance coach will contact you with the current available schedule